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The Brush Cars were a mainstay of the Blackpool fleet from 1937 until 2011. Initially the fleet operated on the Lytham Road service until 1940, when they transferred to Bispham depot and operated on the North Station - Fleetwood route. Following the closure of this route and depot, they transferred to Rigby Road depot and the Starr Gate - Fleetwood service. Of the 20 built, 16 of them remain in existence in some form. They are celebrating their 80th birthday in 2017.
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Brush Car 621622 at North Pier622 at North Pier622 at Cabin622 at Cabin622 on Hopton Road622 at St Chads Headland622 at Manchester Square622 at Cabin622 at Manchester Square622 at St Chads headland622 at Manchester Square622 at Pleasure Beach622 at Barton Avenue622 at North Pier623 at Manchester Square623 passing Coral Island623 at Cabin623 at Pleasure Beach623 at Pleasure Beach