Since December 2016, external advertising has appeared Edinburgh's trams, giving added interest in the system to tramway enthusiasts! Tram 261 was the first tram to receive adverts, those being for Edinburgh's Hogmanay.  

In 2018, the entire 27 strong fleet carried external advertising, 22 of which were adverts for CR Smith!   All adverts carried to date have featured advertising along the top of the tram and have  featured contravision advertising on the 3rd and 5th section of the tram.  

Below is listed all the adverts to date, and an accompanying photograph of the livery (if I have them)



Number Advert Notes Date Added Date Removed
251 #Tramspotting  Promoting the increase in service frequency to 7 minutes.   Carried from January 2017 - April 2018 Jan 17 May 18
251 C R Smith: From Cumbernauld to St Fillans  features the Arria mermaid statue found next to the M80 at Cumbernauld and the Mirror man statue found in Loch Earn at St Fillans. 18th tram to receive CR Smith Advert May 18 Feb 19
251 Edinburgh Live    Feb 19 Nov 19
251 American Express    Nov 19 Mar 20
251 St James Quarter   June 22 Oct 22
251 St James Quarter (revised)   Oct 22 Jan 23
251 Hello Fresh   Jan 23 Present
252 C R Smith: From Bannockburn to Dundee  features a statue of Robert the Bruce and a statue of Desperate Dan.   12th tram to receive CR Smith Advert Oct 17 Still carried 
253 C R Smith: From The Royal Mile to Balintore  features a statue of a lion with the St Andrews Cross and the Mermaid of the North statue on rocks by the North Sea. 15th tram to receive a CR Smith Advert Jan 18 Still carried 
254 Parabola My Edinburgh Park  advertises a new “community and architectural exemplar” at Edinburgh Park. Advert in Tan / Dark Green livery. Jun 18 Still carried 
254 Parabola My Edinburgh Park  update of the above advert Oct 20 present
255 C R Smith: Fae Leith tae Alloway  Features a domed building from Leith and a statue of Robert Burns, 11th tram to receive CR Smith advert. Oct 17 Mar 20
255 Forever Edinburgh All over advert Oct 20 Still Carried
256 C R Smith: Whoever fitted it, we can fix it  advertising their door window and conservatory upgrade and repair service May 18 Still carried 
257 Johnnie Walker #Jointhepact  promotes Johnnie Walker's Don't Drink and Drive campaign Feb 18 Jan-20
257 Ray Harryhausen advert Ray Harryhausen Titan of Cinema exhibition National Galleries of Scotland Nov 20 Oct 21
257 Ocean Winds All over yellow advert Oct 21 July 22
257 Edinburgh Napier University   Jul 22 Aug 22
257 Leonardo   Aug 22 Present
258 C R Smith: From Turnberry to Blair Drummond  Features a bag of golf clubs and some meerkats on a mound, 13th tram to advertise CR Smith Sep 17         Mar 21
258 John Lewis: Edinburgh's new landmark Features some Edinburgh Landmarks replaced with Children's Toys. 2nd tram to carry advertising for John Lewis. May 2021 Mar 22
258 Edinburgh Trams Recruitment (how far can you go?)   Mar 22 Present
259 C R Smith: From Carrbridge to The Forth  Features the old Carrbridge and the Forth Rail Bridge. 1st tram to receive CR Smith advert Aug-17 Still carried 
260 C R Smith: From Glasgow to Peterhead  Features Duke of Wellington Statue from Glasgow with traffic cone on head and the Peterhead lighthouse Aug 17 Dec 19
260 Johnnie Walker #Jointhepact promotes Johnnie Walker's Don't Drink and Drive campaign. Revised advert design with red basecoat Dec 19 Aug 22
260 Spotify   Aug 22 Oct 22
260 BT- Home of Scottish Rugby   Oct 22 Present
261 Edinburgh Trams Hogmanay 2016 services  Promoted the tramway's special Hogmanay service.   Advert carried from Dec 2016 - Jan 2017. First Advert to be carried by an Edinburgh Tram Dec-16 Jan-17
261 Edinburgh Trams Try the return to Murrayfield  Promoting a £3.20 return ticket to Murrayfield for the Scotland v Wales 6 Nations game on 25th February 2017. Advert carried during February 2017. Feb-17 May-17
261 Edinburgh Trams Royal Highland Show Trampede  Promoting the Royal Highland Show as well as travel to the event by tram. Advert carried during May/June 2017 May-17 Jul-17
261 Edinburgh Trams Festival and Fringe  Promoting the Edinburgh International and Fringe Festivals in their 70th year as well as travel to the event and all night trams on Saturday nights during August.  Advert carried during July / August 2017. Jul-17 Sep-17
261 C R Smith From Ben Nevis to North Queensferry  Features an ice climber and a diver. 6th tram to receive CR Smith advert Sep-17 Jan-19
261 Standard Life    Jan-19 Mar-20
261 Scottish Rugby   Nov 21 Still Carried
262 C R Smith: From Dunblane to St Andrews  Features a tennis player and a Golfer Sep-17 Jan-19
262 Macdonald Hotels / Paul Tamburrini    Jan-19 Aug-19
262 Spotify    Aug-19 Dec-19
262 Clearwater Analytics   Sep 21 Nov 21
262 Ocean Winds   Nov 2021 Jul 22
262 Hard Rock Cafe   Jul 22 Feb 23
262 Loaf   Feb 23 Present
263 C R Smith: From Lossiemouth to Kinross.  5th tram to receive CR Smith Adverts  Features RAF fighter jets and Kinross Geese Aug-17 Nov-19
263 American Express    Nov-19 Mar-20
263 Spotify   Aug 22 Nov 22
263 Glenmorangie   Nov 22 Present
264 Parabola Edinburgh Fringe Festival  Parabola / The Fringe Jul-18 Aug-19
264 American Express    Sep-19 Dec-19
264 Edinburgh Trams Hogmanay    Dec-19 Jan-20
264 Johnnie Walker #Jointhepact promotes Johnnie Walker's Don't Drink and Drive campaign. Revised advert design with blue basecoat Jan-20 Jun 22  
264 Tennents Light   Jun 22 Dec 22
264 Jolleys Pet Store   Dec 22 Mar 23
265 C R Smith (Whoever fitted it, we can fix it)  advertising their door window and conservatory upgrade and repair service Jun-18 Still carried 
266 C R Smith: From Falkirk to Musselburgh  Features a Falkirk Kelpie and a Musselburgh Racehorse Aug-17 Still carried 
267 C R Smith: From Largs to Dundee  Features a Viking, Longboat and the SS Discovery Sep-17 Jun-19
267 EE 5G    Jun-19 Aug-19
267 Spotify    Aug-19 Dec-19
267 Johnny Walker Johnny Walker Visitor Attraction - Princes Street Sep 21 Dec 22
267 St James Quarter Christmas Shopping and Dining   Dec 22 Jan 23
267 Tennents Lager   Jan 23 present
268 Parabola My Edinburgh Park  a new “community and architectural exemplar” at Edinburgh Park Jun-18 Oct 20
268 Parabola My Edinburgh Park updated advert of the above Oct 20 still carried  
269 C R Smith: From Inverness to Edinburgh  Features the Flying Scotsman and an Edinburgh tram on Princes Street. 19th Tram to receive advert for CR Smith Oct-17 Jun-19
269 EE 5G    Jun-19 Sep-19
269 American Express    Sep-19 Jul 21
269 Edinburgh Napier Edinburgh Napier University Jul 21 Oct 21
269 Scotland, Lets do Net Zero Cop 26 Oct 21 May 22
269 Cobbles Tour   May 22 Present
270 C R Smith From Finnieston to Fraserburgh  Features a Crane bird and the Finnieston Crane on the banks of the River Clyde, Glasgow. 7th tram to feature CR Smith advertising Sep-17 Sep-19
270 American Express    Sep-19 Nov-19
270 American Express (revised design)    Nov-19 Mar-20
270 Multrees Walk   Jul 21 Feb 23
270 Breitling   Feb 23 Present
271 Qatar Airways    Jan-18 Jul-18
271 Tiso    Jul-18 Sep-18
271 Parabola  My Edinburgh Park / Edinburgh City Vision 2050  Sep-18 Still carried 
272 C R Smith: From Troon to Edinburgh  Features a Sandcastle on Troon Beach and Edinburgh Castle. 5th tram to feature CR Smith livery Aug 17 Apr 19
272 Royal Highland Show    Apr 19 Jul 19
272 Audi    Jul 19          Oct 20
272 John Lewis   Oct 20 May 22
272 Royal Highland Show   May 22 Jul 22
272 ESPC   Jul 22 Present
273 Johnnie Walker #Jointhepact  promotes Johnnie Walker's Don't Drink and Drive campaign Feb 18 Jul 20
273 Hevertree Lager   Oct 21 Still Carried
274 C R Smith: From Pitlochry to Meadowbank Features a Salmon and a hurdler Sep-17 Mar-19
274 Parabola    Mar-19 Still carried 
275 C R Smith: From Speyside to Aberdeen  Features a Whisky Distillery and a North Sea Oil Rig Oct-17 May-19
275 EE 5G    Jun-19 Jul-19
275 Scottish Rugby    Jul-19 Nov 21
275 Play at Edinburgh Park   Jun 22 Present
276 Edinburgh's Christmas and Hogmanay 2017 Promoting travel by tram to Edinburgh's Christmas and Edinburgh's Hogmanay events. November 2017 - Jan 2018 (in service, tram actually still carried it until April 2018 but was out of service from Jan - April) Nov-17 May-18
276 Royal Highland Show 2018 Promoting the Royal Highland Show as well as travel to the event by tram. May-18 Jul-18
276 Edinburgh Dungeon    Jul-18 Dec-18
276 Edinburgh Trams Christmas 2018 and Hogmanay    Dec-18 Mar-19
276 Parabola    Mar-19 Still carried 
277 C R Smith: From Lochmaben to Dunfermline Features a statue of Robert the Bruce and Dunfermilne Abbey Sep-17 Oct 20
277 Parabola   Oct 20 Jun 21
277 Edinburgh International Festival   Jul 21 Jul 22
277 Hard Rock Cafe   Jul 22 Nov 22
277 BT Spirit of Scottish Rugby   Nov 22 Present