Review of 2012

I’ve decided to do a review of some of the interesting workings and unusual locos and workings I’ve seen during 2012.



70015 at Carstairs

High Winds over the new year period see damage to track, overhead wires and rolling stock, including 318270 being hit by a tree on the Hamilton Circle. See here on 5th January, with the Hamilton Circle closed between Newton and Motherwell, a 6 car 320 combination with 320315 in Scotrail saltire livery (my 1st 320 in this livery) and 320311 in SPT livery pass through Uddingston with a diverted Hamilton Circle service.


In rubbish weather on 6th January 57011+007 pass through Holytown with 6M22 Hunterston – Sellafield Nuclear Flasks (6M22 was routed via Whifflet and Holytown occasionally over a short period of time in late 2011/early 2012)

After being away from Scottish Coal workings for a while, class 70’s finally returned to break up the monotony of all class 66’s. On 27th January, on my first visit to Carstairs of the year, here are 70015  and 70004 on 4S41 and 4S42 Fiddlers Ferry – Hunterston empty coal 



31602 + 37261 at Lanark

Please note: A lot of DRS Workings coming up this month!

The 3rd of February saw 37218 and 37059 top and tail a Network Rail Test Train working 2Z88 from Derby – Craigentinny and is seen at Float Viaduct outside Carstairs slowing to round the curve onto the Cobbinshaw line.

Same day and just ½ a mile up the line and a 20 / 37 combo on 6M22 Hunterston – Sellafield Nuclear Tanks, passes through Carstairs Station

A regular working over the winter months was 4J74 Cockenzie – Hunterston empty coal working that passed through Holytown at around 3pm, on 11th February, 66044 (a regular on this working over the period covered) is seen heading west through Holytown

15th February saw rare traction at Lanark. Instead of the usual procession of class 318’s, 320’s and 334’s, there was 31602 and 37261 with 1Q18 Mossend – Mossend via Wymess Bay and Lanark, the Mentor Test Train.  37261 shut down and took a while to restart resulting in an hour’s delay in departing

92031 became the 4th 92 to be repainted into DB Schenker Livery in late 2011, as this had been one of only 2 of the class in EWS livery and there is many still in the 2 tone grey livery from the BR era, it was an unexpected repaint.   Any way, here is my first sighting of 92031 in DBS red livery when it passed through Carstairs with 6S51 Carlisle Yard – Mossend Departmental on 24.2.12

GBRF started operating a coal flow from Hunterston – Ferrybridge and return on a 10 week trial basis during 2012.   This flow took many different routes as trials.   On 24th February, 66719 is seen passing through Uddingston with 6E05 Hunterston – Ferrybridge  heading south via the Shotts line.


70013 at Wandel

Despite most of the Argyle line services being operated by 318’s and 320’s, a handful of 334 workings remain. One of these is the 15.53 service from Lanark – Milngavie, and 334016 is seen here on this working on 9th March at Holytown

My first sighting of a steam loco in 2012 was on one of the sunniest and warmest days of spring! 70013, Sir Oliver Cromwell is seen passing through Wandel (a mile north of Abington) on 24th March with 1Z34 Edinburgh – Manchester Auld Reekie Railtour


66088 at Abington

On 7th April, I had a day out and went South to the Stainmore and Eden Valley Railways in Cumbria.  There was a number of interesting locos at both railways including 47799 (ex royal train loco), 37042 in EWS Livery both at EVR, whilst over at Stainmore, there was 47785, 37674 (both Ex Motherwell TMD locos) 20169, 31410 and 37146.   On the road home, I stopped off at Carlisle Kingmoor, where I saw 37401, 406, 411, 416, 417, 426 and 427.


Later that same day and some interesting engineering movements on the West Coast Main Line between Beattock and Carstairs, the best photos of these are

66141 in Abington loop compete with crane with 6K35 Carlisle Yard – Abington engineers

66088 at Abington in the middle of track relaying with 6K31 Carlisle Yard – Abington engineers

Onto 8th April (Easter Sunday) and here is 66103 between Abington and Crawford with a train of Coalfish in the rain

Easter Monday saw 37069 and 37608 returning south with the Easter Chieftain tour run by Pathfinder Railtours with 1Z22 Dumbarton – Exeter St Davids

Due to engineering works further down the WCML on 9th April, the 4S43 Daventry – Mossend Stobart Container Train was diverted off the wires meaning that the usual 92 could not be used on this train.   In its place 66111 was used and was seen passing through a wet and miserable Carstairs station on its way to Mossend.

Moving on a couple of weeks to the 21st April and As part of the Great Britain V tour, LMS Black 5 Steam Loco 45305 Alderman A E Draper worked north on 5Z33 Carnforth – Inverness Locomotive move.   I saw this stunning locomotive at Carstairs where it had stopped to take on water before heading north.

Less than ½  hour later and there was a railtour passing! A quick dash down to Float Viaduct saw Royal skip 67005 and EWS skip 67027 top and tail the Waverley Express Railtour 1Z41 Shrewsberry – Edinburgh. I got photos at Float and at the State Hospital overbridge just round the corner on the Cobbinshaw line.

Later on the 21st April and this time at Coatbridge Central, in the pouring rain, 66110 passes through with 6D83 Aberdeen Waterloo – Mossend Slurry Tanks. This working passed through around 3pm as it had been retimed to a lot earlier than usual and it was the 1st time I had seen this particular working.

A week later and vastly improved weather, 46115 ‘Scots Guardsman’ was operating on the Forth Circle SRPS tour(1Z46 Linlithgow – Linlithgow via Stirling). I wanted to catch this working but was in a hurry as I was going to the football in the afternoon.   I headed to Stirling but could not get parked near the station and the platforms were already packed with people trying to get a photo. 46115 was already in Stirling Station, so rushed down to Larbert and dashed to the platform, making it with 2 minutes to spare and getting a good spot on the platform as well.


5043 at Carstairs

Was a fabulous month full of Steam Locos, tours and a few 37’s!

5th May was a busy day starting with 47854 and 47826 bringing north 1Z84 St Neots – Edinburgh Waverley ‘Edinburgh, The Settle and Carlisle’ railtour and this was seen passing Float Viaduct near Carstairs

Same day and up to Carstairs station where 37516 passed through with a support coach with 5Z38 Carnforth – Boness loco move

Later on and in the fading light, 37608 and 37601 with 47810 on the rear head Westbound through Hartwood on the Shotts line with a diverted 5Z76 Edinburgh Waverley – Carlisle Kingmoor Boat Train ECS working. The diversion was because the WCML was closed south of Carstairs for Engineering work.

Moving onto 20th May and another GBRF coal working, this time via the Cobbinshaw line and Carstairs seeing 66710 heading westbound past the State Hospital overbridge just outside Carstairs with 4S81 Ferrybridge – Hunterston Empty coal working

A dying livery in a beautiful location. Dalmeny is a nice station right next to the Forth Rail Bridge, I was there to catch Bittern as it passed through on 23rd May. The weather was excellent (except for the Thunderstorm on the way home!) however before Bittern arrived, there was a few units passing through including Turbostar 170478 still in its SPT livery.   Unfortunately this livery is starting to be replaced by the Scotrail Saltire livery and will be gone in a couple of years time.

Shortly after 170478 passed through, A4 ‘Bittern’ no 4464 or 60019 as it is also known passed through with 1Z42 Edinburgh – Edinburgh via Alloa ‘Catherdral’s Explorer’ Steam Dreams tour and really did look stunning.

I also saw it a couple of hours later at Polmont

On to Saturday 26th May and an absolutely sunny and roasting hot day in time for one of the workings of the year! GWR Castle class 5043 ‘Earl of Mount Edgecumbe’ on its 1st ever journey to Scotland. It was due to stop in Abington loop to be filled up with water enroute with 1Z22 Tylsley –Edinburgh Vintage Trains Castle to Scotland, so off I went to Abington. The small single track roads around the back of the loop were packed so got a couple of shots here and from the main road then decided to head to Float to catch it heading towards Edinburgh. Got there in plenty time and to my surprise, was the only person there! However I got some excellent shots.



20020 at Boness

On the 1st June, I went to a new location for me for taking photos, Greenfaulds.   Here I saw 47804+47826 running Light Engine with 0Z47 Carnforth – Boness, where they would operate a railtour from the following day.

I visited Boness on 9th June and stabled outside the steam shed was War Department Loco 75254 which was recently returned to service following an extensive overhaul and really did look stunning also BR Blue liveried 20020 operated the 16.15 service to Manuel, this was the first time I’d seen this loco in this livery.

On 29th June, 46115 ‘Scots Guardsman’ was heading north on 5Z20 Carnforth – Perth Loco move which I caught at Holytown


66719 at Bargeddie

A typical July day, the 10th of July saw it absolutely pour down with rain. The rain had been so heavy over the previous few days that 66734 and the Alcans derailed and landed down an embankment on the West Highland Line, where it remains to this day.   66736 was brought north dead in tow behind 66719 to tow the alcan wagons that didn’t derail back to Fort William, whilst 66719 was used to transfer a 334 to Kilmarnock works for refurbishment. 66719+66736 passed through Cleland with 0S66 Doncaster – Bridgeton Yard

2 days later on 12th July and 66719 was seen at Bargeddie returning to Bridgeton Yard with 4 TTA wagons with 6Z56 Glasgow Works – Bridgeton Yard

DRS have recently acquired some more class 47/8’s and these have being seeing use on both the Northern Belle and the Boat Trains. One of these was 47805 and found its way onto the Northern Belle top and tailed with 47790 on the 1Z59 Helensburgh – York Northern Belle on 13th July and it was seen at Carstairs heading south.

From 15th – 19th July, I was on holiday in Budapest and although I didn’t see any of the local railways, I did see plenty of trams.   For any enthusiasts who have an interest in trams, Budapest is a must for a visit, a selection of photos here

I visited the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway on 25th July, this is another interesting small railway on the shore of Lake Windermere in Cumbria.   They have an interesting array of locomotives including the only 2 remaining Fairburn 2-6-4 tanks left in existence.    Photos from the railway here

29th July was the Boness Diesel Gala and was a great day out.   In service was Scotrail liveried 47643, BR Blue Liveried 47270, Large Loco Livery 37175, BR Blue 20020, GBRF’s 66727, Colas 66850, BR Blue 26038 and Strathclyde orange and black liveried 303032, BR Green Shunter D3558, BR Green liveried Class 03 Shunter D2767. Photos here


37518 at Lockerbie

On the 3rd of August, newly reliveried 37518 now in Intercity livery was heading from Carnforth to Fort William with Steam loco 44871 in tow and they picked an excellent day to send it north as the sun was out! I caught it at Lockerbie and it is one of my favourite liveries of the year, 37518 is seen heading north through Lockerbie Station with 5Z32 Carnforth – Fort William Steam Loco Move.

Later that same day and after a visit to Carlisle, I had been speaking to a fellow enthusiast who told me that 60079 was stabled in Carlisle Yard in a siding that was visible from a lane just off the main road. I decided to investigate and sure enough, it was visible, and got a photo of it. Was chuffed with this as I had only ever seen 1 class 60 before this.

As if one 60 wasn’t enough, 3 days later and on the 6th August, I saw another! 60054 had led 6X65 north from Carlisle on the 3rd and I’d missed it, however it was heading south again dead in tow behind 92037 on 6O15 Mossend – Eastleigh empty car transporters and I caught it at Holytown


43305+43313 at Crawford

Another new location for me and another new loco! The 334’s are currently being refurbished and reliveried at Kilmarnock. They get there by being loco hauled between barrier vehicles.   On 1st September 66703 transferred 334038 to Kilmarnock on 6Z53 Yoker – Kilmarnock

The Alcans are a regular runner between North Blyth and Fort William running in both directions 3 times a week using a pool of only 4 locos 66733 / 66735-737. Unusually on 1st September the Alcans were top and tailed with 66737 on the front and 733 on the rear on 6S45 North Blyth – Fort William Alcans

Another new location and a working I’d never seen before, on 8th September I went to Magiscroft just outside of Cumbernauld and whilst there saw 66102 head north with 6A32 Mossend – Aberdeen Waterloo slurry tanks

Not long afterwards at the same location and a top and tailed engineers with 66114 and 66100 on 6K06 Mossend – Keith Engineers

On 15th September the ECML Diversions were on with the ECML being closed between Berwick and Newcastle and services diverted via Cobbinshaw line to Carstairs and Carlisle then back across the Tyne Valley to Newcastle, bringing HST’s and 91’s back to the WCML.   I went to Crawford to catch some of the diversions, here are 43311+43208 heading south and 91103 heading north

Onto the 28th September and 47804 lead the ‘West Highlander’ tour south with 1Z11 Fort William – Carnforth passing through Holytown

Shortly afterwards and 47760+47854 were heading north with the Statesman Tour 1Z20 Cambridge – Fort William

On to the 29th and back at Crawford with 47810 and 47802 heading north with 1Z39 Manchester – Edinburgh on the Northern Belle


57316 at Coatbridge Central

On 6th October I went on the SRPS railtour to Keighley and Worth Valley Railway.   The weather there was excellent and I got plenty of photos despite a memory card problem on the day, photos are at this album

However on the way to Keighley, taking in a route from Linlithgow – Edinburgh – Newcastle – Carlisle – Keighley. At Carlisle was stabled BR Electric Blue liveried 86259 ‘Les Ross’. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to leave the train, so I could only get a shot of the cab from the train.

On 16th October, I visited Edinburgh Waverley and for the first time I’d seen a 6 car 334 set made up of 2 Saltire liveried 334’s, 334006 and 334020 were stabled awaiting their turn to leave on a service to Helensburgh

From October to December, there has been a class 57 operating Route Learning runs between Grangemouth and Motherwell.   These have seen either DRS , Arriva or plain blue liveried 57’s in use. On 17th October 57316 in plain blue livery was used and was seen at Coatbridge Central

Not an unusual working but the first time I’d seen it was 6X65 Didcot – Mossend which was passing through Holytown at 8.30 in the Morning on 18th October with 92019 leading

Later that same day and another working that isn’t unusual but one of the first photos I’ve taken at Paisley Gilmour Street since it was refurbished.   66301 passing through Gilmour St with 4N76 Elderslie – Grangemouth DRS intermodal

4S43 is not an unusual working, infact any regular followers of my site will know that I see it almost anytime I’m out, however DBS lost the contract for operating it between Daventry and Mossend and DRS have taken over.   The 92 operation is now done by a pair of 66’s.   My last photo of a 92 on 4S43 was taken on 19th October and the train was hauled by 92030.


56087 at Carlisle

A visit to Carlisle on 17th November brought out some rare traction. Passing through on 6J37 Carlisle Yard – Chirk Logs was Grid 56087 in Colas livery

Also there on its final run before a major overhaul was LMS Princess Royal class ‘Princess Elizabeth’ 6201 heading south with 1Z91 Carlisle – Tylsley via the Settle and Carlisle Line

18th November saw an eventful Boat Train Journey. 1Z89 Glasgow – Southampton was hauled by 47805 and 47813 with 47818 on the rear. 47813 failed and was removed at Carlisle, 818 was added to the front and then there were further problems heading south and both locos were swapped over at Crewe. I saw the train at Carluke with 47805+47813 and 47818 dead in tow on the rear


47786+57601 at Carstairs

DRS took over the running of 4S43 Daventry – Mossend from DBS at the start of November and instead of class 92’s began using pairs of class 66’s instead, on 7th December 66432+66301 operated this working and were seen at Holytown

December 15th saw 2 railtours head north within 20 minutes of each other, 47786 and 57601 topped and tailed the Edinburgh Christmas statesman, 1Z84 Hull – Edinburgh

They were soon  followed by 1Z80 Crewe – Edinburgh Northern Belle hauled by 47832 topped and tailed with 447853 ‘Rail Express’

Hope you’ve enjoyed this look back at the year, keep checking back in the new year for even more photos from around Scotland