Paisley Gilmour Street is located in Paisley Town Centre approx 8 miles from Glasgow City Centre.   The station has 4 platforms, 2 for services to / from Gourock / Wymess Bay to / from Glasgow Central and 2 for services to / from Ayr, Largs, Ardrossan to / from Glasgow Central.    Gilmour St is well served with at least 8 trains stopping here per hour.

Platform 1 - Glasgow Central

Platform 2 - Gourock / Wymess Bay

Platform 3 - Glasgow Central

Platform 4 - Ayr, Largs, Ardrossan, Stranraer

The station has a British Transport Police office on Platform 1 meaning the station should be safe.


The best locations for Photography are at either end of Platform 2/3 in the open area.  

What can I expect to see?

If units are your thing, the class 380's dominate most passenger services here with a few class 318's, 320s and 385s also thrown in for good measure.   Since the December 2016 timetable change, Class 320's have occasionally found their way onto Gourock services.   A number of 380 operated services are either in 6 or 7 car formation. 

Freight, unfortunately has dried up following the closure of Longannet, meaning the Hunterston to Longannet coal circuit has now ceased to run.   The only semi regular freights are the Hunterston - Sellafield flask train and the Prestwick Airport - Grangemouth Aviation Fuel service (now operated by Colas).

The slurry tanks for Irvine now uses the GSW line so no longer runs via Paisley, however occasionally some rare stock heading to Kilmarnock Bonnyton such as HST's and class 180's have been known to head this way, whilst the Network Rail HST is a frequent visitor to Ayr and travels this way.

Usual Traction

Class 156

Class 318

Class 380

Class 385

Class 43 (Network Rail)

Class 56 (Colas)

Class 66 (DRS, DBS, Freightliner)

Class 68 (DRS)

Class 70 (Colas)

Class 88 (DRS)