311103 at Summerlee311103 at SummerleeFreshly painted in BR Blue livery with yellow ends, 311103 is seen on display at Summerlee 18.8.03 In 1967, the Inverclyde lines (Glasgow Central - Gourock and Wemyss Bay) were electrified and there was a need for a further batch of Electric Multiple Units to operate the lines.   19 Class 311 (then called AM11) EMU's were built.   Pressed Steel, who had built the Class 303's just a few years earlier had closed down therfore the Class 311's were built by Cravens.

311103 at Summerlee311103 at SummerleeA forlorn looking 311103 at Summerlee 22.12.12 The class 311's looked almost identical to the class 303's and had seating for 236 people, however there were a few differences.   Firstly the 311's were built to only run at 25Kv AC, where as the Class 303's were built as dual voltage sets.   There was additional vents on the side of the Class 311's Motor coaches next to the Guard's Compartment and internally the decor was more modern than that of the class 303 and each unit was fitted with Flourescent lighting from the start, rather than the Tungsten Lighting fitted to the class 303.

When built, the 311's were painted into the all over BR Blue livery with yellow warning panels on the cab fronts but soon recieved BR Blue/Grey livery.   The numbering scheme followed on from the final 303 to be built (303091) and they were numbered 311092 - 311110.  

311103 at Summerlee311103 at SummerleeA view of the Guards Van end of 311103's motor coach is seen on display at Summerlee 18.8.03 The 311's started life on the Inverclyde lines, however after developments in the Overhead Line technology, that allowed the 6.25KV sections of wiring to be upgraded to 25KV and the use of dual voltage areas to be abolished, the 311's found their way onto other lines including the Cathcart Circle, Hamilton Circle, Lanark services and North Clyde lines as the 303's and 311's could work in multiple with each other.

There were plans to upgrade the class 311 for the electrification of the lines to Ayrshire, however it was found to be cheaper in the long run to get newer stock built (class 318s) therfore the 311s were not refurbished in 1984 when 50 of the class 303s were refurbished and remained in their original condition with the exception of the flat toughened windscreens replacing the curved glass and 3 of the units were painted into orange and black Strathclyde Transport colours. Also the units had no gangways between vehicles.

311103 at Summerlee311103 at SummerleeA forlorn looking 311103 at Summerlee 22.12.12 By 1990, only 9 class 311's remained in service, with 4 having been withdrawn in 1989 and the other 5 over the preceding years.   The 311s and the remaining unrefurbished 303s were withdrawn in 1990 when the class 320s were brought into use on the Balloch, Helensburgh- Airdrie/ Drumgelloch Line. Most of them were scrapped however two sets, 311103 and 311104 remained in Scotland as Sandite units (renumbered 936103 and 935104), and saw use until 2001.   (I remember seeing one of them passing through Mount Florida in Autumn 1999)

311104 was scrapped at Immingham in 2002 whilst 311103 was preserved in 2002 and found its way to Summerlee Heritage Park in Coatbridge, where it was repainted into a coat of BR Blue.   However in 2006 when the park was being refurbished, the set was moved from its prominent position in front of the main building to an area round at the back at the furthest point away from the entrance.   Driving trailer 76414 was sold to VSOE who wanted the Bogies for underneath one of their pullman carriges, whilst the remainder of the vehicle was scrapped.   The 2 remaining vehicles had their windows covered with corrugated cladding to protect their windows from vandalism.    Both vehicles remain in the same location today looking forlorn.


Unit Number Livery Vehicle Numbers withdrawn scrapped notes
311092 ST 76422 62163 76403 1989 1990 First 311 in Orange and Black
311093 BG 76423 62164 76404 1987 1987  
311094 BG 76424 62165 76405 1989 1990  
311095 BG 76425 62166 76406 1989 1990  
311096 BG 76426 62167 76407 1988 1989 withdrawn due to asbestos regulations
311097 BG 76427 62168 76408 1989 1990  
311098 ST 76428 62169 76409 1990 1991 Part of the first train to Lanark in 1974
311099 ST 76429 62170 76410 1990 1991  
311100 BG 76430 62171 76411 1986 1987  
311101 BG 76431 62172 76412 1988 1989 involved in the Rutherglen Crash (see 303007) but not damaged
311102 BG 76432 62173 76413 1990 1990 First 311 to work on North Clyde Lines
311103 RT 76433 62174 76414 2001 ---- Used as a Sandite vehicle now preserved in Summerlee Park, North Lanarkshire
311104 BG 76434 62175 76415 2001 2002 Used as a sandite vehicle now scrapped
311105 BG 76435 62176 76416 1990 1990  
311106 BG 76436 62177 76417 1987 1987  
311107 BG 76437 62178 76418 1990 1990 Involved in a crash at Bridgeton in 1986
311108 BG 76438 62179 76419 1990 1994 Involved with a collision with a DMU
311109 ST 76439 62180 76480 1990 1994  
311110 BG 76440 62181 76421 1987 1990