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314212 at Glasgow Central

Sixteen class 314s were built at BREL York in 1979 for operation on the newly opened Argyle Line, serving Lanark,Hamilton circle via Glasgow Central Low Level - Dalmuir / Milngavie.

The class 314's are a 3 car version of the Class 313 and 315 multiple units operating in and around London and unlike their London sisters, only take their power from the overhead line. On introduction, they carried the BR Blue and Grey livery and retained this livery until 1986.

The units have corridor connections within each set and emergency doors in the driver's cabs for tunnel working allowing them to be used in the tunnelled section between Dalmarnock and Anderston. The outside (driving) cars are the power vehicles with the middle vehicle having the pantograph but essentially being a trailer.

The 314's settled down quickly into a pattern of operating most journeys on the Argyle Line and some diagrams on the North Clyde Lines with 303's, 311's and 320's making up the rest.

1986 saw the introduction of the orange and black Strathclyde Transport livery which would remain on these particular trains until the introduction of the SPT Carmine and cream livery in 1997.  

In 1991, 314203 was involved in the fatal train crash at Newton with 303037. One of the driving trailers  was a write off so this unit was reformed from a converted 3rd rail class 507 driving car from set 507022 which had been withdrawn following a collision in Liverpool. This vehicle also had the distinction of being the only 314 vehicle to feature carpets, high backed, comfortable seating and featuring different light shades. The unit is still in use today however it now has standard low back class 314 seating.

Following 314203's eventual reintroduction to service, the unit became the first and only 314 to be named to date being called "European Union".

December 1994 saw two 314 units 'drown' whilst on a peak time service. 314208 and 314212 were waiting at Central Station Low Level when suddenly a torrent of water came rushing down the tunnel from the River Kelvin (it had burst its banks) which flows past a disused tunnel near to the SECC station and engulfed the tunnel and Central Station Low Level almost completely submerging both sets. It was at least 9 months before trains could use the line between Dalmarnock and the SECC again.

In 1997 the new SPT livery of Carmine and Cream was introduced to all SPT multiple units, however with the 314's it was a slow progress and It would take 10 years before all 16 units would receive this livery. 314202 would retain the orange and black livery albeit faded and looking more pink and black than orange and black until 2007 (some other class 314's had been repainted twice in this time).

In October 1999 the 314s were transferred from the Argyle Line to the Cathcart Circle, where they remain to this day.   This move was made in preperation for the replacement of the elderly class 303's by the new class 334's.   The class 303's on the Cathcart Circle mostly moved over to the Argyle Line in a bid to increase their reliability.

During late December 2009 and December 2010, the class 314's have seen use on some services on the Ayrshire lines  and have also seen more use than normal on the Inverclyde services due to problems with class 334's caused by the ice and snow

The future of the Class 314 units was in doubt with First Scotrail having placed an order  for 38 new class 380 trains multiple units for the Ayrshire and Inverclyde lines.   However the 314's future has been secured for a few more years and they will continue to operate on the Cathcart Circle.   Class 318's will remain on the Argyle Line with some Class 320's also operating. Class 334's will operate on the new Airdrie - Bathgate line whilst the remaining 320's are expected to operate on North Clyde services.


At Present 11 sets are painted in the SPT Carmine and cream livery. 314202 became the last 314 to receive this livery in 2007 having spent 10 years in the obsolete Strathclyde Transport Orange and Black livery.   Scotrail have introduced the new Saltire blue and white livery with 314212 being first to receive this rather smart livery and the first to receive an internal refresh, 314203, 204, 208 and 211 have since followed, with all 16 units receiving an internal refresh.    314201, 202, 205, 206, 207, 209, 210, 213, 214, 215, 216 are not expected to receive the new livery at the moment

Class 314 Unit Formation summary


CC - Carmine and Cream Livery with Cream doors

CC* - Carmine and Cream with half split as per rest of body

SR - Saltire Blue and White livery



Unit Number Livery Vehicle Numbers Unit Name Notes
314201 CC 64583 71450 64584    
314202 CC 64585 71451 64586    
314203 SR 64587 71452 64588 European Union Unit was involved in the Newton crash with 303037 in 1990 original vehicle 64587 was destroyed, unit reformed from a 3rd rail class 507 unit. vehicle was done out in more modern lighting and seating. still retains refurbished interior.
314204 SR 64589 71453 64590    
314205 CC 64591 71454 64592   Derailed outside Central Station in September 2001, was out of use for 3 months
314206 CC 64593 71455 64594    
314207 CC 64595 71456 64596    
314208 SR 64597 71457 64598    
314209 CC 64599 71458 64600    
314210 CC 64601 71459 64602    
314211 SR 64603 71460 64604    
314212 SR 64605 71461 64606    
314213 CC 64607 71462 64608    
314214 CC 64609 71463 64610    
314215 CC 64611 71464 64612    
314216 CC 64613 71465 64614