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The class 322s were originally built to operate on the Liverpool Street-Stansted Airport service in 1990. They are a 4 car variation of the 3 car class 320s which operate on the North Clyde Services. Other that the extra carrige the other difference was that the unit was also fitted with toilets. After a short period on the route the sets were transferred away and used for a short time on hire to North western Trains on their Manchester-London service.

In early 2001 some sets were transferred north to Shields for use on the Edinburgh Waverley-North Berwick line with early Morning service to Glasgow Central via Carstairs, Carluke and Motherwell route due to late arrival of  the class 334s. The class 305's which operated on the North Berwick route were due for withdrawal and the 322's would be the perfect replacements.

When originally introduced  to service the 322s were painted in a special Stansted Airport livery, this gave way to a really smart blue livery with stars when on hire to North Western for a couple of sets in the late 1990s.   Following the arrival of the Class 380's in 2011, the Class 380's were reliveried and transferred to Northern Rail to operate in the Leeds and Doncaster.

Unusual workings

The 322's rarely see use on other lines however one exception to this was on the night of the Champions League final in 2002, which was being held at Hampden, the opportunity was taken to run special services on the Cathcart Circle to clear the crowds and one such train was an 8 car formation consisting of 2 class 322's running in multiple.   322482 also saw use on a service from Glasgow Central to Ayr during 2010.


During 2005 the Class 322's were transferred away from Scotrail down to Anglia Railways to operate a service there. During this time EWS Class 90's  and off lease ex virgin mark 3's and ex virgin DVT's operated the service on the line. However this wasnt to last long with the 322's soon returning north. On their return, a major overhaul was carried out on each of the 5 sets including refitting of the interior and a repaint into the First Scotrail 'Barbie' colours.

The Class 322's were seen in the Strathclyde area at the morning and evening rush hours with the service to / from Glasgow Central and North Berwick.


When the 322's first arrived in Scotland 322485 was named 'North Berwick Flyer 1850 - 2000', the nameplate having been transferred from 318256. Following the refurbishment of 322481, this set then took up the name.


Class 322 Unit Formation summary

Unit Number Livery Vehicle Numbers Unit Name Notes year entered service
322481 Northern Rail 78163 72023 63137 77985     1990
322482 Northern Rail 78164 72024 63138 77986     1990
322483 Northern Rail 78165 72025 63139 77987     1990
322484 Northern Rail 78166 72026 63140 77988   Was only 322 to run in Scotland in North West Trains Livery 1990
322485 Northern Rail 78167 72027 63141 77989     1990