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Created 1-Jul-11
Modified 10-Feb-21
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A very busy month with photos of the Class 380's, which now dominate the workings on the Ayrshire lines, the last 318's operating on the Inverclyde lines, taken at Paisley Gilmour Street. Class 31's on Network Rail Test Trains, Northern Belle Liveried 47790 at Carstairs twice, Alcans at Hartwood and Hamilton. Also seen are 66's in full sun at Float, Carstairs and Coatbridge. Only half way through the month and Still plenty to come!

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66602 at Carstairs92017 at Carstairs45407 at carstairs66199 at Carstairs221xxx at Carstairs70006 at Carlisle yard390054 at London Euston350253 at London Euston350236 at London Euston350111 at London Euston66723 at Hamilton Central66723 at Hamilton Central66529 at Carstairs185136 at Carstairs322485 at Carstairs221xxx at Carstairs31602 at Carstairs31602 at Carstairs66602 at Carstairs66529 at CArstairs