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Created 11-Oct-11
Modified 21-Nov-20
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Photos from the Blackpool tramway in its last year as a traditional tramway. Photos include Brush Cars 630, 631 and 632 in their final year of service, Centenaries 642 - 648 and Jubliees 761 and 762 also in their last year of service and the Western train and modified Balloons which are staying.

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632 at Pleasure Beach632 at Pleasure Beach632 at Pleasure Beach645 at Pleasure Beach646 and 645 at Pleasure Beach646 at Pleasure Beach642 on South prom632 on south prom647 on South Prom631 shunting 707 around the depot631 at Depot707 at Depot643 at DepotBrush 630 at Manchester Square632 returning to depotBrush 630 at Manchester Square644 at Central Pier642 near Tower632 passing Towernew depot