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Created 19-Mar-11
Modified 10-Feb-21
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Photos from my first month of taking photos on a regular basis. Featuring photos from around Glasgow, Lanark and Cartland

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156445 at Motherwell334009 at Motherwell320310 at Hyndland334032+334007 at Hyndland320319 at Hyndland334033+334027 at Hyndland 20.2.09334027 at Helensburgh 20.2.09320313 at Helensburgh 20.2.09320316 at Hyndland 20.2.09320310 at hyndland 20.2.09334004 at Hyndland 20.2.09334020 at Hyndland 20.2.09334009 at Hyndland334035 at Ayr 20.2.09156500 at Ayr 20.2.09320313 at Hyndland 20.2.09320305 at Hyndland 20.2.09320301 at Hyndland 20.2.09334036+334020 at Hyndland 20.2.09334020+334026 at Hyndland 20.2.09