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Photos from the excellent Boness Diesel Gala from 29th July 2012.

The Locos from the home fleet that were in use were D2767, D3558, 20020, 26024, 27001, 37175, 47643 and former Glasgow Blue Train 303032.

Visiting Locos were BR Blue 26038 making its debut passenger runs in preservation, West Coast Rail's BR Blue Liveried 47270 'Swift', GBRF Liveried 66727 and Colas Rail 66850.

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66850 at Manuel66850 at Boness66850 at Boness37175 at Boness37175 at Boness47270 at Boness47270 at Bonessd3558 at Boness47270 at BonessThe yard at BonessD2767 and D3558 at Boness303032 at Boness26038 at Boness26024 at Boness27001 and 25235 at Boness27001 at BonessNational Coal Board 24 at BonessNational Coal Board 24 at BonessPercy at BonessSteam Loco at Boness