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Created 7-May-11
Modified 10-Feb-21
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A busy month with 66's 86's and 47's at Carstairs and Coatbridge, 2 steam locos at Stirling and a number of Locos stored at Carnforth.

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142034 at Carnforth47768 at Carnforth185139 at CarnforthDRS 20's at Carnforth47772 at Carnforth47826 at Carnforth57601 at Carnforth57005 at Carnforth37214 at Carnforth20311 at Carnforth20314 at Carnforth20312 at Carnforth390045 at Carnforth20310 at Carnforth20313 at Carnforth20307 at Carnforth33030 at Carnforth37668 at Carnforth66513 at Stirling61994+45231 at Stirling